About us

Biztributor is a modern, independent distributor specialising in IT security, networks, and operational solutions, representing 12 international vendors. We not only help our resellers with sales and providing quotes but also help them prepare their marketing and PR strategies, or actively participate in these efforts. We participate in joint campaigns and promotions, and develop the channel (both the business and the technical aspects), including providing assistance in sales and technical support or lead generation. We protect our existing end-user partners through various quality assurance elements, and we offer our new end-users a comprehensive, free product demonstration.

Why are we different?

  • Project protection: biztributor protects the projects of its resellers. You can be our smallest reseller, but if you bring a project, we will provide support to help you win it.
  • We devote particular attention to IT security. We consider ourselves the foremost experts in the Hungarian IT security distributor market.
  • Dynamism and drive: Only dedicated young professionals work at biztributor who approach their work with seriousness and prioritise customer satisfaction above all else.
  • Risk-free business: We deliver quickly and accurately, with no hidden clauses; if you are not satisfied with something, we are committed to solving your problem, no matter what.
  • A single order form: With us, you do not have to deal with voluminous reseller contracts and multi-page order forms; simply place your order for the selected product by e-mail or fax, following our offer.