Endpoint protection with a test-winning engine

Bitdefender is a market-leading endpoint protection vendor that offers on-demand cloud and on-premises protection to SMEs, large companies, and public administration entities. Its main feature is that it focuses on prevention, unlike other antiviruses. It has a multiple test-winning engine for protecting endpoints, servers (physical and virtualised servers, mail servers), mobile devices, virtual environments, and containerisation.


  • 500+ million

    protected endpoints
  • 400+

    detected threats per minute
  • 150+

    OEM partners

As a market-leading provider of endpoint protection, Bitdefender offers comprehensive security for your business with its award-winning engine.

“Bitdefender has proven its cybersecurity efficacy and reliability each year that we’ve tested their solutions,” said AV-Comparatives’ founder and CEO Andreas Clementi. “With five Product of The Year Awards in 10 years, Bitdefender demonstrates its strength in protecting consumer data by detecting and stopping threats as they occur.”


Ferrari has also chosen the multiple test winner Bitdefender.

Business Security Business Security

For the protection of small and medium-sized businesses

By employing machine learning techniques, behavioural analysis, and continuous monitoring of running processes, it can ensure full protection against all types of malware (ransomware, phishing, zero-day attacks, viruses, spyware, etc.) through a single, easy-to-use platform for desktops, laptops, and physical and virtual servers.

What makes it different from other antiviruses?

  •  It is available in both cloud and on-premises versions.
  • Its machine learning models use static and dynamic features and undergo continuous training on a dataset comprising billions of malicious file samples.
  • It uses the latest anti-ransomware technology, including real-time backup of initial files and continuous monitoring and blocking of remote ransomware attacks.
  • It centralises all security functions into a single console, removing the requirement for dedicated servers, additional maintenance, or extra IT staff.
  • You can block attacks using network-based security.
  • Available add-ons: Email Security, Patch Management, Full Disk Encryption.

Business Security Premium Business Security Premium

Developed for the protection of medium and large companies

Machine learning-controlled security technology is utilised to protect your business from sophisticated cyber-attacks such as advanced threats (APT) and ransomware. The solution is easily managed from a single console and provides coverage for physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud endpoints, as well as e-mail.

What makes it different from other antiviruses?

  • It enables forensic investigation and visualisation of attacks.
  • It continuously evaluates and ranks endpoint misconfigurations, settings, and risks. It identifies user actions and behaviours that may pose a security risk to the organisation, including logging into insecure websites, poor password management, and compromised USB usage.
  • It enables the creation of automatic, up-to-date, tamper-proof backup copies of user files without the use of shadow copies.
  • Signatureless technologies, including advanced local and cloud-based machine learning, behavioural analysis, and an integrated sandbox, contribute to a more effective and layered protection approach.

Business Security Enterprise Business Security Enterprise

Developed for the protection of large companies

It combines the world’s most powerful endpoint protection platform with EDR and XDR capabilities to protect workstations, servers, and containers.

What makes it different from other antiviruses?

  • It extends EDR analysis and event correlation capabilities to help you more effectively manage complex cyber-attacks that involve multiple endpoints. Cross-endpoint detection and response uniquely provide enterprise-level threat visualisations.
  • End-to-end correlation technology takes threat detection and visibility to a new level using XDR capabilities.
  • Equipped with advanced prevention capabilities, including anomaly detection and exploit protection, it blocks sophisticated threats earlier in the attack chain.
  • Integrated human and endpoint risk analysis.
  • Modern, next-generation prevention and detection with automatic repair.
  • Provides security for all enterprise endpoints running Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems in physical, virtualised, or cloud-based infrastructures.
  • Signature-free multi-level protection.


We’re always there so you don’t have to

Bitdefender engineers help analyse alerts and provide guidance for making appropriate setting changes, creating a more secure infrastructure. (Only available in the cloud version.)

Why is MDR essential?

  • Bitdefender’s MDR team is always available. It helps you keep up with attackers and protects your environment 24 hours a day.
  • Threat detection is in the DNA of Bitdefender’s MDR service. It proactively and continuously collects threat information and performs threat scans to keep your company secure while staying ahead.
  • A Bitdefender MDR team will help you join the MDR service and address all your questions—whenever and whatever you need assistance with.
  • Highly qualified security analysts, with experience in the US Air Force and Navy, as well as expertise gained through partnerships with British intelligence and the NSA, collaborate to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity for your company.


Extended threat detection, targeted investigation, and effective response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a cloud-based endpoint security solution that integrates continuous, real-time monitoring and collection of endpoint data and information with detection capabilities and automated responses.

Why is EDR essential?

  • End-to-end correlation technology takes threat detection and visibility to a new level by enabling the detection of advanced attacks across multiple endpoints in hybrid infrastructures.
  • It enables incident investigation and focused response and investigation.
  • Its advanced risk analytics technology also examines human behaviour, continuously analysing organisational risks based on hundreds of factors to identify, prioritise, and provide guidance for mitigating user, network, and endpoint risks.


Discover everything about the attacker

A cloud-based solution that unveils the complete scope of attacks by connecting events and incidents in time, including evidence collection, root cause analysis, and recommended response actions, providing a deeper context.

Why is XDR essential?

  • It natively monitors and detects attacks across your organisation’s entire environment, encompassing physical and connected devices, virtual and cloud platforms, and the workloads they host.
  • It enables security teams to quickly triage and respond to incidents.
  • The central correlation engine uses machine learning algorithms to find connections between affected systems, objects, and events collected by sensors.
  • Subsequently, it uses this information to create an interactive, graphical representation of the incident and recommends responses to contain the threat.

Cloud and Server Security Cloud and Server Security

Cloud and server protection for maximum security

Cloud Security minimises the security impact on cloud computing resources and automates security management. Security for Servers is ideal for companies seeking to maximise performance through a high density of server workloads or VDIs.

Why is Cloud and Server Security essential?

  • It supports all hypervisors and is compatible with any cloud infrastructure.
  • Combined with patented caching algorithms and heuristics, it minimises infrastructure resources, increasing VM density by up to 55%, reducing latency and improving end-user experience.
  • It uses a single agent and streamlines and centralises scanning through dedicated Security Virtual Appliances (SVA). Multi-level caching and scan optimisation technologies further reduce CPU, memory, or network load by ensuring that the same files are not scanned twice.

Security for Mobile Devices Security for Mobile Devices

Protect your business’s mobile devices on any platform, from any location. You can easily extend security policies to any number of iOS and Android devices,

allowing you to control all endpoints, physical, virtualised, and mobile devices, from a single console.

Bitdefender supports BYOD initiatives by providing centralised security policy management for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, with predefined actions for non-compliant devices, such as denying access to corporate services, permanently locking the device, or even wiping the device in case of theft or loss.

Security for Workstations Security for Workstations

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer ensures the detection of advanced attacks before they are executed.

Suspicious files are automatically uploaded to a secure local or cloud-based sandbox system operated by Bitdefender, where the program performs a complex analysis of them.

Security for Email Security for Email

The era of traditional email protection is over

Security for Email provides businesses with comprehensive e-mail security and protection against known and emerging threats, including impersonation attacks, Business Email Compromises (BEC), CEO frauds, phishing, and ransomware.

Why is it an irreplaceable tool?

  • It uses crucial sender authentication methods that can recognise the true identity of users.
  • It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.
  • It protects employees in real-time by blocking and warning users about malicious links.
  • Outgoing filtering helps check the content of outgoing messages to prevent IP blacklisting.


Security for Storage Security for Storage

Protection for network storage (NAS) and file-sharing systems

It provides machine learning-based easy-to-use protection for ICAP-compliant file sharing and network storage systems.

Why is it so ingenious?

  • It supports ICAP-compliant NAS storage solutions from Dell®, EMC®, IBM®, Hitachi®, HPE®, Oracle®, and others.
  • It provides multiple layers of protection, including machine learning, heuristics, signatures, and cloud-based search to guard against both known and unknown file-based infections.
  • It can be managed from the same central console as other GravityZone solutions.

Security for Containers Security for Containers

Crucial container protection solution

Advanced prevention, detection, and response technologies that protect containers by employing AI threat prevention, Linux-specific anti-exploit technologies, and EDR.


What makes its utilisation essential?

  • It also enables forensic investigation of end-to-end attacks.
  • HyperDetect™ blocks fileless attacks before execution by incorporating machine learning models and stealth attack detection technology.
  • Its Linux endpoint agent does not require Linux kernel components, allowing for immediate installation of new distributions.
  • Due to exploit protection, the list of blocked exploits also extends to the pre-execution phase.

Patch Management Patch Management

Keep your systems up to date

The Patch Management module enables organisations to keep their operating systems and applications up to date. Also available as an add-on.

What makes Bitdefender Patch Management the preferred choice?

  • The automated patching module delivers updates to an organisation’s entire workstation environment, physical server, or virtual server fleet.
  • Unpatched vulnerabilities are responsible for up to a third of all hacks. The Bitdefender Patch Management module keeps operating systems and applications up to date.
  • It can assist in ensuring your organisation complies with key data security regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and others.
  • It provides detailed information on patch centralisation, quick installation of missing patches, and blacklisting.

Full Disk Encryption Full Disk Encryption

Keeping security in focus

GravityZone Full Disk Encryption is a native encryption module that can be added to any Bitdefender endpoint security solution to keep business data safe and reduce the risk of data loss or theft.

What makes Bitdefender Full Disk Encryption the preferred choice?

  • It provides easy remote management of encryption keys.
  • It ensures compliance with security standards related to data at rest and provides proof of compliance for audit purposes.
  • It uses native encryption mechanisms provided by Windows and Mac to ensure compatibility and performance, eliminating the need for additional agents.
  • It provides a single, centralised console for not only protecting all endpoints but also for compliance reporting and encryption key recovery.

File Integrity Monitoring File Integrity Monitoring

Protect your sensitive data against tampering

The system examines the contents of specific folders or files for unjustified changes and also checks whether new users have gained access rights inappropriately. Furthermore, it examines registry modifications and changes to user attributes.

What makes File Integrity Monitoring the preferred choice?

  • In addition to files, you can look into libraries, registries, installed applications and extend user rights.
  • Detect configuration changes in real-time that may indicate an integrity incident or event.
  • Automated, manual, and recommendation-based control activities contribute to enhancing your work.
  • The easy-to-use interface and preset configurations reduce the time and energy required for the setup process.

Cloud MSP Security Cloud MSP Security

Multi-layer antivirus and endpoint protection for MSP operators

A cloud-based cybersecurity solution for managed service providers (MSPs), offering advanced risk analysis, next-generation AV, EDR, and MDR. It enables unified risk analysis, prevention, detection, and response across physical, virtual, and cloud-based workstations and servers.

What makes Bitdefender’s solutions the preferred choice?

  • The settlement is based on a monthly schedule and is payable for active tools.
  • It enables different service levels even within a single customer.
  • Any service level, from Business Security to Business Security Enterprise, is available.
  • It consistently holds the number 1 ranking in independent tests by AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST, and MITRE.
  • The package includes web filtering, firewall, exploit protection, process monitoring, vulnerability testing, and device and content monitoring.
  • Available add-ons: Security for Virtualized Environments, E-mail Security, Full Disk Encryption, Patch Management, Advanced Threat Security (Sandbox Analyzer + Hyperdetect), EDR.

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