The grand master of proactive IT security defence

Mandiant is the world’s leading cyber intelligence information provider. Their mission is to investigate the most complex, unique, and specialised IT attacks and to provide security consulting services without regard to technology or manufacturer.


  • 15+

    years of leading in the industry
  • 900+

    analyses and research
  • 200K+

    response time to incidents
  • 1800

    hacker groups are tracked

Automated Defense Automated Defense

Automate your protection

The extended detection and prevention engine combines a decision-making process based on past events with cyber threat intelligence to automate security operations. It improves scale efficiency, consistency, and accuracy, while also reducing detection and response time.

What makes Mandiant Automated Defense the preferred choice?

  • You can quickly identify IOCs from active attacks in your environment, reducing attacker dwell time and mitigating the impact of targeted attacks.
  • It automatically investigates and prioritises security alerts, reducing the number of false positives.
  • It provides automated responses across endpoint technologies and SOAR platforms to prevent attacks from spreading.

Security Validation Security Validation

Targeting efficiency

Security Validation collects the latest threat intelligence from the Mandiant Intel Grid on attacker TTPs and automates a testing program that provides real-world data on the performance of security checks, allowing you to optimise your environment.

What makes Mandiant Security Validation the preferred choice?

  • You can safely test your protection against the most common attacks and malware families.
  • Automated testing, utilising relevant and active attack data from Mandiant Intel Grid, helps teams identify gaps, misconfigurations, and optimisation opportunities.
  • It can help you optimise and prioritise investments.

Ransomware Defense Validation Ransomware Defense Validation

Are you really prepared for the next ransomware attack?

As part of the Ransomware Defense Validation service, Mandiant provides reports on your ability to prevent ransomware attacks. The monthly report is complemented by discussions and daily evaluations with Mandiant experts, and within this framework, they review your progress and offer additional suggestions for improvements.

What support does Mandiant provide?

  • It inspires confidence in the readiness to counter ransomware attacks.
  • You can identify gaps and misconfigurations to prioritise resources and tasks.
  • You can easily communicate your anti-ransomware capabilities to key stakeholders.
  • You can demonstrate the improvement of the effectiveness of security checks to prevent ransomware.

Managed Defense Managed Defense

Protect your business with MDR

Mandiant’s MDR service protects your business across endpoints, networks, clouds, e-mails, and operational technologies, providing swift detection, human analysis, and expert response. Managed protection supports a wide range of products and vendors.

What assistance does MDR provide?

  • Mandiant experts monitor and investigate alerts and proactively hunt down attackers throughout the entire infrastructure.
  • Empowered by Mandiant’s collective knowledge and experience, you will be able to respond quickly and comprehensively.
  • Armed with in-depth knowledge of attacker behaviour, Managed Defense helps protect your business against extortion, ransom, outages, and theft.

Attack Surface Management Attack Surface Management

Managing attack surfaces

It continuously monitors discovered devices and enables intelligence teams to manage risk. With its assistance, you can respond to attacks swiftly and with exceptional agility.

Why is Attack Surface Management a preferred choice?

  • It supports remote hybrid work
  • Scalable to the environment
  • You can also manage cloud computing and shadow IT with it
  • Embedding control into workflows
  • Building flexibility into the supply chain
  • Extending security policies beyond the company

Threat Intelligence Threat Intelligence

Know your enemy

It allows minute-by-minute monitoring of security operations to help prioritise alerts and gain insights into the motives of attackers. Threat intelligence is compiled by more than 300 security and intelligence personnel from 23 countries who research actors through covert adversarial pursuits, incident forensics, malicious infrastructure reconstruction, and actor identification processes, contributing to the deep knowledge embedded in the Mandiant Intel Grid.

What makes Mandiant Threat Intelligence special?

  • They handle more than 1,000 incident response assignments annually, making them the number one incident responder in the industry over the past 15+ years.
  • It employs more than 300 intelligence analysts and researchers in 23 countries. Up to 1 million malicious software samples are collected daily from more than 70 different sources.
  • They monitor approximately 4 million virtual guest images installed across 102 countries worldwide, confirming 50,000–70,000 malicious events per hour.
  • They perform detection and response services for over 300 customers.

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