Privacy Statement

Biztributor devotes particular attention to the protection of your data. When you visit biztributor’s website or engage with us through signing up for newsletters, events, or other interactions, data related to you comes into biztributor’s possession in accordance with the technical characteristics. This Privacy Statement provides information regarding the usage of this data.

We always process your data in compliance with the current legislation of Hungary and the European Union. Our data management identifier: NAIH-135003

During your visit to our websites, we log your IP address, browser type, and the assigned cookie identifier. We store and process this data for website maintenance purposes and generating statistical reports, furthermore, it serves for website development and supports our sales efforts.

For certain services, such as subscribing to newsletters, requesting information or price offers, downloading software, participating in our physical or virtual events or sweepstakes, but also for using our products, we may require additional data such as your e-mail address, company name, and position. Providing the mentioned data is optional, but using the listed services may require providing some or all of the requested information. In the latter case, the data is stored in a database and used for statistical analyses, product support, or sales support objectives. We will manage your data for as long as it is needed to accomplish the stated objectives.

We use cookie identifiers to identify your browser. These identifiers help us understand your interests concerning our company, enabling us to minimise sharing irrelevant information during our collaboration. This data can only be recorded by the biztributor’s website, ensuring that no other website receives this information. Biztributor’s website can only track browsing on biztributor’s website and cannot and does not intend to monitor your activities on other webpages. The cookies remain active for a duration of 2 years following your last visit.

We store your data in a protected environment and use technical and organisational tools to prevent unauthorised access.

The data is shared with third parties only to the extent necessary for the specific purpose (e.g. sales support or website development), and in such instances, the third party is required to adhere to at least the same level of strictness outlined in the Privacy Statement.

The website contains or might contain links directing to external websites. The data management practices on external sites are separate from the company’s practices, and as a result, we do not take responsibility for them.

You have the right to request the limitation or termination of your data processing as per current laws, and you can also seek information about your data, with our commitment to respond within 30 days. To get in touch for this purpose, please use this page.

The Privacy Statement can be downloaded in PDF format.