High-end Wi-Fi and switch technologies

RUCKUS COMMSCOPE is the third-largest manufacturer in the switch and WLAN market, offering a comprehensive network portfolio. As one of the market-leading manufacturers, its speciality lies in the development of Wi-Fi access points designed for high client density and extreme load capacity.

Access Points Access Points

Excellent Wi-Fi access for everyone

Ruckus networking devices fit almost any budget, performance need, or installation method. They provide reliable and secure access regardless of the environment or customer density.

What makes Ruckus Networking Devices the preferred choice?

  • They are available in outdoor, indoor, and specialised designs (e.g. suitable for public transport).
  • Thanks to its unique antenna technology (Beamflex), it emits a stronger signal over greater distances. They direct the radio signals with power density focusing, providing faster, more efficient, and better service for clients.
  • The PD-MRC technology enables the simultaneous reception and transmission of signals with both horizontal and vertical polarization, and it gathers the signals of mobile devices more efficiently, resulting in less packet loss and repetition.
  • It can serve more clients compared to competitors, enabling the construction of a more cost-effective wireless system that requires fewer cables, APs, and controller licences.

Access Point portfolio

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Switches Switches

Unlock new levels of flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness

Simple, scalable, and high-performance network technology. A low-latency, non-blocking architecture that provides excellent transfer performance. The basics of the technology have demonstrated their reliability in a large corporate environment for 25 years.

What makes Ruckus switches the preferred choice?

  • They offer the best value for money in the industry.
  • Scalable architecture that reduces operational costs.
  • Multigigabit Ethernet enables the installation of next-generation wireless connections and provides up to ten times the bandwidth of traditional Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Unlike traditional stackable switches, Ruckus switches do not rely on proprietary stacking ports and stacking cables. This provides the highest level of flexibility. Additionally, multiple stacking ports can be aggregated to increase stacking bandwidth and performance when needed.
  • As a unique feature, it can automatically update software while in operation.
  • The maximum number of switches is 12, providing 50% more ports than conventional switches.

Switch portfolio

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Unleashed Unleashed

Wi-Fi heaven even for SMEs

RUCKUS Unleashed is a portfolio of high-performance, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and affordable controller-less access points (APs) that deliver industry-leading performance but are available in a package designed and priced for small businesses.

What makes Ruckus Unleashed the preferred choice?

  • Nowadays, even small businesses need a fast, reliable, and consistently operational connection. However, with minimal or no IT staff, they lack the time and expertise to install and manage Wi-Fi. This product is the optimal solution for them.
  • The entire Wi-Fi network can be set up in a few simple steps and can be expanded at any time as the business grows.
  • With the free Ruckus Unleashed mobile application you can monitor your network and perform administrative tasks from anywhere.
  • Built-in services: Guest Services, DPSK security, Zero IT onboarding, Application Visibility.

Controller portfolio

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Cloud-Managed Cloud-Managed

Wi-Fi with AI features? It’s not a challenge!

Ruckus Cloud is a converged network management platform-as-a-service that enables lean IT organisations to easily provision, manage, optimise, and troubleshoot a high-performance wired and wireless enterprise network through a single web dashboard or native mobile application.

What makes Ruckus Cloud the preferred choice?

  • With the help of advanced artificial intelligence and patented machine learning techniques, it provides IT with advanced troubleshooting tools, reducing the number of unplanned downtime and enhancing the level of services.

Controller portfolio

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Corporate Controllers Corporate Controllers

Even large companies deserve excellent Wi-Fi

Ruckus’s physical and virtual controllers provide the highest scalability in the industry, supporting up to 30,000 access points, 3,750 switches, and 450,000 customers. Due to the high degree of controllability, fewer controllers are needed compared to competitors, leading to additional cost savings.

What makes Ruckus controllers the preferred choice?

  • They are available in both physical and virtual versions.
  • They are well-suited for medium to large companies and managed service providers.
  • It enables touchless deployment, automatic firmware updates, one-click access to any AP or controller, and the usage of dynamic pre-shared keys.
  • A broad selection of open APIs is available for you.

Controller portfolio

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Analytics Analytics

Melissa: a virtual assistant dedicated to network operation

Ruckus Analytics is a cloud-based service designed for network analytics and security. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it provides a comprehensive view of the operation of the corporate network.

Why is Analytics essential?

  • It speeds up troubleshooting and helps IT teams in achieving network SLAs.
  • It analyses data in a comprehensive manner (connection time, connection success, AP operating time, etc.).
  • It automatically determines the normal range of behaviour for each network element without needing any input from IT. It then uses machine learning to automatically identify service incidents.
  • A virtual network assistant named Melissa—powered by artificial intelligence—assists you with data analysis.

IoT Network IoT Network

IoT deployment can be a simple task

The IoT Access Network enables organisations to realise the benefits of using IoT more quickly. We recommend it as a supplementary component in addition to controllers.

Why do you need an IoT network?

  • It consolidates multiple physical layer networks into a unified and converged network. A common network can simplify the onboarding of IoT sensors and devices, establish unified security protocols, and converge IoT endpoint management and policy definition.
  • By reusing LAN and WLAN infrastructure, it simplifies the creation of IoT access networks, leading to faster installation and reduced costs.
  • With an IoT network, organisations can aggregate and forward IoT traffic using their new or existing RUCKUS Wi-Fi infrastructure.


Applying geolocation data for security and a better customer experience

The positioning engine of Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT™) generates location data that can be used to track devices and provide other location-based services. It helps businesses gain in-depth knowledge of their environment and improve overall efficiency and security.

Why is SPoT essential?

  • You can minimise losses arising from stolen or missing goods.
  • It increases efficiency by optimising personnel in hotels, retail stores, and public places.
  • It supports an unlimited number of locations and customer devices and can calculate the real-time location of new customer devices within 5 seconds.
  • Companies or managed service providers can also use the SPoT APIs to integrate location data into their own applications.
  • Flexible installation options: it can be installed as a public, cloud-based, and subscription-based service or as a locally hosted service and virtual machine.



Cloudpath Cloudpath

Excellent connection experience for end users

A cloud service that provides secure wired and wireless network access for BYODs, guest users, and IT-owned devices. It simplifies adding devices to the network and secures all connections with strong encryption.

What makes the Cloudpath service exceptional?

  • You can control which network resources can be accessed by the users.
  • It virtually eliminates helpdesk tickets related to network access issues.
  • BYOD users can configure their devices themselves using intuitive self-service sessions.
  • It provides secure guest access for visitors without involving the IT helpdesk. Guest users can simply register for internet access through a portal, and they receive login information via SMS, e-mail, or printed ticket.
  • Available with cloud-based or virtualised on-premises deployments.
  • It is compatible with users, devices, and networks of any kind.

Network Reporting Network Reporting

Optimisation empowered by network data

It uses SmartCell Insight (SCI) software to aggregate data from applications, users, devices, access points, controllers, and switches, allowing for a transparent view of network operations. Effective reporting and analysis of network data helps to make the right business and operational decisions, manage the network more efficiently, and improve the user experience.

What support does Network Reporting provide?

  • It collects information about wireless controllers, access points, customers, and applications. It can store up to three years of data about up to 100,000 access points and millions of customers.
  • Valuable operational and performance data help with capacity planning and assist you in getting the most out of your Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Using advanced machine learning algorithms, it automatically determines the normal behaviour pattern of individual network elements. The system does not require any input from IT.
  • Virtualised installation, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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