Next-Generation IT security platform

SecureVisio’s SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA systems, adapted to the specific requirements of the Hungarian market, can provide cyber security protection for medium and large companies and institutions, even at a regional level. All these capabilities can be achieved through a completely on-premises installation, without reliance on cloud infrastructure. SecureVisio reacts quickly to changes, which makes it a reliable partner in meeting legal regulations such as NIS2 or GDPR. The technology supports Industry 4.0 guidelines and is compatible with SCADA systems.


  • NextGen SIEM

  • SOAR

  • Log Management

Next-Generation SIEM/SOAR

All the company’s log sources (e.g. endpoint protection, firewalls, etc.) can be connected to the SIEM system, and the log sources can be used to prepare automated analyses and reports through SecureVisio. SOAR is an IT security technology that automatically reacts to incidents, allowing immediate response to complex attacks. SOAR receives alerts from the SIEM system. This technology forms the basis of an effective SOC team, which is fully supported by our SecureVisio product.

Main features:

  • BCP management function: automated business continuity
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: Support for NIS2, GDPR, and ISO guidelines
  • AI technology: Utilising real-time risk analysis AI technology
  • Support for Industry 4.0 trends: Compatible with SCADA systems
  • Effective SOC teams: fast detection, valuable time savings, automated processes

SecureVisio’s Product Portfolio

  • SecureVisio
    Next-Generation SIEM system
  • SecureVisio
    SOAR system
  • SecureVisio
    log management
  • SecureVisio
    vulnerability management
  • SecureVisio
    protection of personal data

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