A pioneer in defense against APT attacks

As a vanguard of the XDR revolution, Trellix prioritises threat prevention over attack detection. In a cyberwar situation, you need enhanced protection. Utilising an intelligent, adaptive ecosystem, you can anticipate and prevent attacks, identify root causes, and react in real-time. It is not by chance that Trellix has been detecting more than 50% of 0-day attacks for years.


  • 40 000+

  • 1B+

    threat detections
  • 418

    new malware detections per minute

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Trellix XDR Platform
Strengthen your security posture and protect your organization with confidence.

Network Security and Forensics Network Security and Forensics

For the protection of network traffic

Network Security and Forensics is a threat protection and intrusion detection tool that accurately detects and promptly stops advanced and targeted attacks hidden in Internet traffic. Highest level of protection for multi-OS environments and all Internet access points.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It excels in detecting exploit codes with exceptional effectiveness, something traditional endpoint protections could not achieve.
  • Through MVX technology, it examines all traffic passing through it, avoiding reliance on a signature-based approach
  • Traffic analysis does not require manual intervention
  • Dynamic machine learning with artificial intelligence
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS 2.0) technology to detect the most sophisticated attacks
  • Flexible installation options: on-premises, distributed, cloud
  • Real-time protection, instantly blocking attacks with line speeds ranging from 250 Mbps and 10 Gbps

Email Security Email Security

For the protection of cloud-based (e.g. O365) and on-premises e-mail platforms

Email Security is an industry leader in identifying, isolating, and immediately stopping URL, impersonation, and attachment-based attacks before they can enter your organization’s environment. It is also available to protect platforms installed in the cloud (e.g. O365) and on-premises platforms.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It also examines incoming and outgoing e-mail traffic
  • It can be integrated with any third-party e-mail provider
  • It can remove e-mails recognised as malicious after being received, even in O365
  • Custom YARA rules are supported
  • It provides in-depth knowledge of attacks and attackers

Helix Security Platform Helix Security Platform

A SIEM and SOC system with SOAR capabilities

FireEye Helix is a SaaS security operations (SOC) platform that manages incidents from detection to investigation. FireEye Helix integrates security tools from different vendors, enhancing them with next-generation SIEM and Threat Intelligence capabilities, making it highly effective against all types of attacks, including simple ransomware attacks, phishing, and the most advanced targeted attacks (APT) with a secret service background.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • UEBA behaviour analysis, which correlates alerts with machine learning, enabling it to filter out non-malware-based attacks
  • Next-generation SIEM, which uses data from thousands of remote systems to provide a comprehensive view of the organisation’s security
  • Threat Intelligence integration against the latest intelligence-derived threats
  • SOAR system to automate workflows, reduce workload, and improve reaction time
  • Built-in reports, customisable dashboards and widgets

Endpoint Security Forensics Endpoint Security Forensics

Stop the attacks utilising the insights acquired on the frontline

Its modular architecture combines default engines with downloadable modules to provide protection, detection, response, and endpoint security management, resulting in effective protection against a variety of threats.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It identifies the offender’s behaviour and tactics, along with their techniques and procedures.
  • It analyses volatile memory without downloading memory images to detect hidden malware.
  • It collects digital traces using intelligent filtering, returning only the necessary data.
  • It enables secure remote testing over any network without requiring access permissions.
  • It can be integrated with other detection systems to automate the analysis of machines exhibiting suspicious activity.

Endpoint Security Platform Endpoint Security Platform

Customised security

Trellix Endpoint Security (ENS) is tailored to your company’s needs, covering everything from threat prevention and detection to customising security controls. It helps ensure the continuous availability of the system for users, discover new automation options, and simplify complex workflows.


The key to its effectiveness:

  • Applying machine learning to identify and prevent new malware.
  • It speeds up the coordination of defence measures and provides better protection against targeted attacks and zero-day threats.
  • Real central control which provides greater transparency, simplifies operations, and increases IT productivity, moreover, it unifies security and reduces costs.
  • The adaptive scanning process reduces CPU load by learning which processes and sources are trusted, focusing resources only on items from suspicious or unknown sources.

Epolicy Orchestration ePO Epolicy Orchestration ePO

A central security management platform for coordinating and managing endpoints

It unifies your defence strategy, connects disparate endpoints with native controls, and reduces the dependency of security operations on other devices. A full-scale platform that helps your security operations team design and scale their operational model, with the added benefit of true API integrations.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) and Advanced Threat Defense (ATP) integrations provide effective sandboxing to detect and stop cyberattacks in advance.
  • Its dashboard enables in-depth analysis and prioritisation while providing an integrated view of current threat information, security news, and alerts.
  • Automated security sessions and a personalised workspace help you quickly identify, manage, and respond to vulnerabilities.
  • It integrates with more than 150 third-party solutions and more than 50 applications to provide faster and more accurate responses.

Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention

Protect your data against accidental or intentional leaks, regardless of their location

It explores and protects sensitive data at storage locations and provides real-time monitoring of data across the network, e-mails, and the web to ensure policy compliance. It extends data security to endpoints without installing a new agent and actively enforces network-based policies.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It prevents connecting unauthorised external devices to the corporate network.
  • It supports multiple protocols: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, LDAP, Telnet, FTP, IRC, SMB, and SOCKS.
  • It allows data to be moved and encrypted to protect sensitive content in unauthorised locations.
  • It can be integrated with any commercial traffic filter or web gateway product using SMTP or ICAP.

Cloudvisory Cloudvisory

A unified control centre for managing multi-cloud environments

Trellix Cloudvisory helps you effectively manage cloud environments, provides transparency and simple management of your infrastructure, and enables comprehensive control of cloud security.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It runs continuous evaluations to ensure secure processes and prevent deviations from original configurations.
  • It identifies and addresses vulnerabilities in the early stages of a process before they could affect the infrastructure and prevents problems caused by incorrect configurations.
  • Central policy management ensures that all cloud devices adhere to your organisation’s security parameters.
  • Cloud-based recoveries with customisable workflows tailored to business processes.

Detection on Demand Detection on Demand

Scan content for threats at any point in the workflow process

Trellix Detection On Demand is a cloud-based threat detection service that rapidly scans submitted content to detect any potential malware. It detects and manages threats in real-time, improving the security situation and protecting systems and data from potential harm.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • It offers flexible file and content scanning capabilities to detect threats carried by files, whether uploaded to the cloud, SOC, SIEM, or web applications.
  • It allows easy integration with simple installation via API calls.
  • It utilises the latest threat intelligence from Trellix Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) to provide the most up-to-date threat intelligence.
  • It provides constant, detailed, and customised reports.

Cloud Workload Security Cloud Workload Security

Ensure the security of all hybrid cloud infrastructures

Trellix Cloud Workload Security automatically discovers and protects your network by eliminating hidden areas, enabling advanced threat protection, and simplifying multi-cloud management. It ensures the effective application of uniform, automated policies for your business.

The key to its effectiveness:

  • Through the central management interface, you can manage all sessions more efficiently using a single control panel.
  • It automatically manages sessions and imports tags from AWS and Microsoft Azure into the Trellix ePO system.
  • Integration with Chef and Puppet automation tools enables the application of security measures in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • It utilises and applies intelligence from Trellix Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) streams.

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