Endpoint protection with a test-winning engine

Bitdefender is a market-leading endpoint protection vendor that offers on-demand cloud and on-premises protection to SMEs, large companies, and public administration entities. Its main feature is that it focuses on prevention, unlike other antiviruses. It has a multiple test-winning engine for protecting endpoints, servers (physical and virtualised servers, mail servers), mobile devices, virtual environments, and containerisation.

A pioneer in defense against APT attacks

As a vanguard of the XDR revolution, Trellix prioritises threat prevention over attack detection. In a cyberwar situation, you need enhanced protection. Utilising an intelligent, adaptive ecosystem, you can anticipate and prevent attacks, identify root causes, and react in real-time. It is not by chance that Trellix has been detecting more than 50% of 0-day attacks for years.

Master level management

Remote control and monitoring, virus protection, backups, ticket management, password management, and much more. You can get them all in one place, and better yet, you can manage them through a unified platform. It is also essential for internal IT departments and MSP providers.

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Cybereason provides full EPP, EDR, and mobile protection functionality to medium and large companies and public administration entities. With its products, operational functions can be efficiently automated, moreover, the products also monitor network-side attacks and easily integrate into SOC systems. It protects not only desktops, servers, and mobile operating systems but also cloud container technologies. Its endpoint protection technology is available in fully on-premises deployments as well as cloud-based and hybrid constructions, and it can be individually customised with a wide range of add-ons.

Next-Generation IT security platform

SecureVisio’s SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA systems, adapted to the specific requirements of the Hungarian market, can provide cyber security protection for medium and large companies and institutions, even at a regional level. All these capabilities can be achieved through a completely on-premises installation, without reliance on cloud infrastructure. SecureVisio reacts quickly to changes, which makes it a reliable partner in meeting legal regulations such as NIS2 or GDPR. The technology supports Industry 4.0 guidelines and is compatible with SCADA systems.

The grand master of proactive IT security defence

Mandiant is the world’s leading cyber intelligence information provider. Their mission is to investigate the most complex, unique, and specialised IT attacks and to provide security consulting services without regard to technology or manufacturer.

Explore the potential of data storage

Altaro has developed its particularly fast backup products for SMEs. These products have the best deduplication rate in the industry. They are indispensable not only for internal IT departments but also for MSP operators. The products also prioritise backing up Office 365 accounts, providing unlimited Azure storage space and data retention for O365 mailboxes, Teams conversations, and content stored in One Drive and SharePoint.

High-end Wi-Fi and switch technologies

RUCKUS COMMSCOPE is the third-largest manufacturer in the switch and WLAN market, offering a comprehensive network portfolio. As one of the market-leading manufacturers, its speciality lies in the development of Wi-Fi access points designed for high client density and extreme load capacity.

The software that meets all the needs of SMEs

The GFI Software portfolio can cover the majority of IT needs for SMEs. Among other things, it offers network and vulnerability monitoring, archiving, mail filtering, a help desk package, as well as a firewall and mail system. The great advantage of GFI is that it offers an on-premises solution in today’s cloud-centric world.

iStorage develops a hardware encryption layer available for portable and desktop external drives and USB flash drives, as well as cloudAshur, which also supports remote group work.

The data loss prevention (DLP) solution developed by GTB TECHNOLOGIES makes effective data protection available not only to large companies but also to smaller ones, scaling from 25 to tens of thousands of employees.

Cofense is considered one of the pioneers in the field of providing protection against phishing attacks. It prepares corporate users for security-conscious behaviour by employing realistic simulated attacks.